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Caring Connections

You’re not alone: Caring Connections is here to help.

When we feel alone, our mental health struggles can be harder to deal with. As your health plan, we will support you when you’re feeling your lowest to keep you healthy and safe.

Caring Connections is a suicide prevention outreach program based on a simple truth: we care and are here for you.

How it works

Members in the program receive letters or text messages over the course of one year. The messages are brief, supportive, and caring. We might wish you a happy birthday or offer encouragement after a hospital stay.

There is no action required on your part. The messages’ only purpose is to offer care and concern. And the Caring Connections program is voluntary. We will only send you messages if you agree to receive them.

What happens if I reply to a text message?

Our Caring Connections team is happy to hear from you and you will receive a personalized response to your text within one business day.

Who is eligible for Caring Connections?

CHNW reaches out proactively to members who are referred by case managers and other CHNW staff. You can also refer yourself by emailing Case Management at [email protected] or by calling 1-866-418-7004 (TTY Relay: Dial 711).

Your privacy matters

CHNW keeps your health information private. We will only share it with your care providers, or as needed to support your health and well-being.

Suicide prevention resources

If you’re considering suicide, there are resources that can help:


Stay on Top of Your Prescriptions

Woman grabbing a prescriptionDid you know that certain prescription medicines are available as a 90-day supply? Medicine that you take on a long-term basis to manage your health is called a “maintenance drug.” A 90-day supply makes it easier to keep taking the medicine you need to feel your best. You may also be eligible to receive your long-term medications through free home delivery.